Why should I buy my own personal missal? 

Good question! Here are three great reasons: 

1. It reduces waste! 

When parishioners switch to permanent missals, the church no longer has need of disposable missalettes. One church alone reported throwing out almost six-thousand (6,000) missalettes in one year! There are over ten-thousand (10,000) Catholic churches in the United States, and most of them use throw-aways!  We’re not mathematicians, but that’s a lot of waste! Permanent missals are friendlier for the environment, and it helps strike a line-item expense from your church’s budget. 

2. You can make it your own! 

Highlight your favorite passages, scribble notes about how that day’s readings impacted your life, dog-ear next week’s section, draw a rendition of Madre de Guadalupe in the border! It’s yours, do whatever you like, have fun! 

3. Avoid handling public resources  

I’m sure that we are all tired of hearing about the virus by now, but it is still having a serious impact on all of our lives. Because of Covid-19, most churches in the US have stripped their pews of any of the shared worship resources that they normally provide. Missalettes and hymnals are now sitting in closets and on shelves throughout the country. By getting your own personal missal, you have the readings with you whenever you need them, inside church or at home watching a live-stream. If your church does bring back public resources, you have an easy way to avoid handling them. Just in case.  

Shouldn’t my church pay for these? 

While it’s true that your church has purchased the readings for you in the past, those purchases are made with your donations. Generous parishioners like you already bear this expense. Buying a missal yourself simply eliminates the middle-man. 

Also, in the current climate, having the church purchase and deliver missals to its parishioners for personal use is quite a logistical effort. 

How do I know I’m getting the right missal? 

All the readings in our missals are the official text of the lectionary and Order of Mass that is approved and licensed by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Churches all over the United States use this exact version of the readings in Sunday and daily mass. No matter where you are in the country, our missals have you covered. 

Catholic Sunday readings follow a three- year cycle; year A, year B, and year C. At the end of that three years, the readings begin to repeat, starting over with year A. The readings do not continually change. Because our missal has all three years, it will cover the readings for the foreseeable future. The book will not become obsolete in three years. 

 Anything else I should know? 

Word of the Lord, our flagship missal, is in large-print! It includes all the readings for the complete three-year Sunday cycle followed in churches all over the United States. It has a durable double-binding that should last for at least ten years, probably even longer.